to all the people out there ... on friday 23/09/2011,
you can see the Shortfilm "ICE"
on the Drama Short Film Festival, Greece.
I hope to see you all there ...



!!! Florian Freund and Friends Crew-premiere Pic´s!!!
Photo Selection (here)


Crew Premiere in Munich
thank´s to all ... great event
pics coming soon


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TV Werk Munich


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!!! GREAT !!!
Soundmix - CinePostproduction
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A man slowly walking down a hallway, in one hand
a bag of sharp blades, ‚in the other a bucket of ice.
A woman tied to a chair, blindfolded and struggling.

The man places the bucket on a table in front of
the woman. He then lays out an array of knives.

He says: "You are all alone here."

What follows is a hardcore battle of the body and mind.
A test of wills where we are left wondering just who really
is the prisoner?
A duel that will be decided by blood, bullets, knives and ice!

Michaela Wallner    Reinhard Paul Seyer     Cristina Peteanu

Frederic Heinz     George Dascalakis      Donald Ganslmeier    Lenny Peteanu   Noah Zangerle
Reinhard Paul Seyer
as Seamus

George Dascalakis
as Dead Man
Donald Ganslmeier
as Headshoot Guy
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